Whether it is a simple digital sign in the lobby or a full corporate campus, TPS Audio Visual is ready to help your business. We have experience in installing in some of the largest companies in the world. We can work with you to simplify your technology and make it work for you.



From the most basic piece of audio visual equipment to complete school systems, we are ready to assist you. We can provide networked audio video equipment in each classroom. We can provide audio, video and lighting systems for your auditorium.



Audio Visual systems play a large roll in parks and entertainment facilities. They are not only needed for safety, but they also are used to create a mood, and can be used for special events. Large screen displays can be used to give your customer information or be used to sell ads.



Funeral Homes

Funeral homes are a place for a celebration of life. Today, more and more customers are asking for video tributes and the ability to have more singers. Many are moving to churches because of the technical capabilities. We will work with you to design affordable solutions that will help increase your revenue.



City, State and Federal government facilities require powerful audio video systems that are easy for anyone to use.



Digital signage technology is driving many retailers to experiment with digital signage, menus and other advertising. Audio has always been important to retail and restaurants. The music creates a mood. It also will increase the amount of time a customer stays in your location.


creek worship

House Of Worship

Your message is important and must get across clearly. We work with you to design the systems that will reach your technical goals and not break the budget.

bisd faac

Sports Facilities

Public address systems for gyms, football fields, baseball and softball fields, and other arenas.